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How you can earn 9% return per month.

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Some opportunities come around only once. You can seize them or spend your whole life wondering what if. One of those opportunities is right in front of you. One of those opportunities is FX Rise.

Are you ready to take the future into your own hands?

What makes us



Every investment is purely based on numbers.


FX Rise works for you around the clock. You do not have to lift a finger.

More Time
and Freedom

Focus on the important things in your life.

6 years

Proven success over the last 6 years give you the certainty that you can rely on FX Rise.

18 months
Live Performance

A detailed live insight into the current performance of FX Rise.


Our numbers speak louder than our words.

What is a trading


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Trading doesn’t have to be complicated or exhausting. With our trading algorithm you can focus on the important things in life and be sure that your investments are taken care of.

How does the algorithm work?

FX Rise trades on the Forex market, that is, with currencies. To be precise, with the two currency exchange pairs EURUSD and CADCHF. It adapts to the exchange rate and learns constantly. Thus, even during volatile periods, it manages to achieve average returns ranging between 5% and 9% per month. These profits can be liquidated at any time.

Passive income


FX Rise is the only trading algorithm with over 6 years of backtesting and a live trackrecord for over 2 years. These values not only exceed the industry average, but leave other algorithms in the dust. That’s why we can not only promise you your results, but guarantee them.

Calculation Example

You are free to choose the amount you invest with FX Rise, for this calculation we use an investment of 3,500 €.

FX Rise generates a monthly return of 5 to 9 percent. 

Your passive income would amount to 175 to 315 € per month without lifting a finger.

An additional benefit is, that your returns will increase in the long run due to compound interest.

in 3 steps

to your passive income

Create an account

On our tutorial page you will learn step by step how to create a trading account. (time required: 8-10 minutes)

Insert Software

In the next video we will explain you how to activate the license and insert the software (time required: 7-8 minutes)

Sit back and enjoy

Watch the software at work and reap the reward. From now on, 5-9% monthly returns are waiting for you.

Numbers don't


In a field as opaque and fast-moving as trading, it’s easy to lose sight of things. That’s why transparency is an important concern for us. All our data and tests are available for everyone to see. So you can make your decision based on facts not fiction.


The live trackrecord shows you in real time how FX Rise performs. This way you can see how the algorithm behaves in the current market.


The backtests give you insight into the results FX Rise has historically achieved. Get a picture of how well and consistently the algorithm will work for you.

Now is


Automate your trading with FX Rise.

Benefit from our


The numbers speak for themselves. That’s why we can guarantee your results instead of just promising them. That means:

If you don’t make a profit within 14 days, we won’t just refund your money. You will receive an additional 100 € as compensation.

This makes your start with FX Rise 100% risk-free. If our algorithm delivers what we promise, your passive income stream is secured. If it doesn’t, you will win 100 € immediately.

What are you waiting for? Try FX Rise now!

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FX Rise Trading Algorithm

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FX Rise Trading Algorithm

Step by step guide

24/7 Live Chat Support

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The Team

behind FX Rise

Behind every extraordinary product is an extraordinary team. FX Rise is no exception. To guarantee you the best results and the best performance, our team gives its very best day after day.



Here’s what a leading IT & privacy lawyer specialized in cyber security has to say about FX Rise.

More about Dr. Maisch:

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The time has come to actively shape your financial future. Don’t let this opportunity slip!

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As you will see in our backtest and live track record, we have come through several very strong fundamental events with flying colors.

In our 7-year performance, we had, among others, two polarizing elections in the US, the EU exit of the UK (Brexit), a global pandemic with several lockdowns, and even a war situation in Russia and Ukraine.

Of course, all of these events were profitably handled by our software. Although one event was reflected in a drawdown, this situation was also closed profitably.

If you follow this link, you will get to MyFxBook. A company that specializes in tracking investment portfolios. Our account is listed there since January 2021. And with this link you can download the backtest (.zip file) to have a closer look at the performance from 2015 to 2020.

No, FX RISE is 100% automated. After purchasing the software, you will receive a detailed video tutorial. There you will be guided step by step through the simple installation process. That’s it. Now you can just sit back and let the software do the rest.
No, we do not recommend combining FX Rise with other strategies.
Of course, you can use the broker of your choice, but please choose it wisely. Unfortunately, there are many brokers with very bad conditions. Many have too high a spread or charge very high fees/commissions. There are also often very high fees for withdrawals. We can therefore only recommend that you use the broker, which we also use. Our software was also tested with their conditions.

You can already start with an investment of 350 €, for this a so-called CENT account is required.
Only the following countries require a minimum of 3500 €: United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, East Timor and Liberia.

The average drawdown is about 1-3%, the maximum drawdown has also been higher. On MyFxBook you can find a verified track record where you can see the balance and equity curve.

Our Expert Advisor calculates the position size (Lot Size) independently. You have the possibility to choose between “Low” and “Medium” Risk. With medium risk the software starts with lot 0.01 per 3500 €. So in a 7000 € account it would start with lot 0.02. In a 350 € cent account the bot starts with 0.10 CENT lot – this corresponds to a normal lot of 0.001.

No problem, we have taken care of that as well. If you want, we can give you our investor password. Just write us a message and we will send you the login data.

Per purchase you acquire one license, with which you can use the software on one account. Of course, you can easily verify another account at any time. If you want to test the software on a demo account in the beginning and then switch to a live account, that’s no problem at all. To verify another account, please go to our tutorial page There we will explain you exactly how to transfer the license.

You don’t have to worry about this. Of course, you don’t have to transfer your startup capital to us. You can use the broker you trust, we only provide the software.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our live chat support.

The average response time of our support via Telegram is 10 minutes.

take off now!

Now is your chance to get started. All you need is FX Rise. The choice is yours.

Do you want to take control of your financial future? Escape the rat race? And have more time for the important things in life?

Then make your decision now!