Introducing FX RISE, the algorithm that disrupts the trading industry. The first and only product on the market with a long track record that is proven by data. This is a whole new level of transparency.

No fancy rented cars or luxurious mansions, no edited screenshots, no fake gurus.

We prove our claims only by hard facts. Numbers don’t lie and we have all the numbers guaranteeing your success. Don’t trust us, trust our results.

Now is your chance to secure yourself a slice of it.

automate your trading

FX Rise does all the trading for you: professionally, 100% automated and with mind-blowing results. No more hours of research and headaches; from now on the algorithm will take care of your profits.

generate real pasSive income

You can focus on what you love while the algorithm constantly grows your portfolio. This way you get a monthly additional income while you spend your time with hobbies, friends, or in front of the PC.

19+ month track record

FX Rise is the only trading algorithm with a live track record since its launch. With proven and transparent results, you can make sure your investments are safe.

6 years backtest

Because superior performance since launch is not enough, FX Rise proves its excellence back to the last 6 years. A time span that is unmatched in the industry.


Security of funds is our number one priority. Therefore we developed a software that is suitable for every Broker. That mean funds are never sent to us, you can always use your trusted Broker.

Let The Algorithm Work For You

Algorithms are all around us, from social media to traffic lights. We use them because they are solely driven by data and don’t make emotional decisions.

In the trading world, that equates to them outperforming 95% of human traders. And the best thing about them is, they do everything without you needing to intervene or even lift a single finger. As soon as everything is set up, the algorithm does all the heavy lifting and you don’t need to worry about a thing.

So you can enjoy more time with the people that are important to you like your family and friends while earning money in the process.

FX RISE has the longest recorded track record. This reassures its performance and gives you the security to live your life on your terms without having to check your account constantly. No more wasting endless hours researching and worrying. With FX RISE, it`s no longer a gamble, but a life-changing certainty.

Just Do The Math

If you let the Expert Advisor run, you will be averaging between 5-8% A MONTH. Let’s use 7%.

After 1 Year, you would have approx. 84% right? WRONG. You forgot the compound interest.



Interview with Dr. Marc Maisch

In this interview, Dr. Marc Maisch reports on his experiences with our software. In addition, we have a clarifying conversation regarding cybercrime.

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Website Dr. Maisch

What Our Customers Have To Say

We Prove Our Claims

We trust the numbers and we know you will judge us on our results, therefore, we won’t show you any fancy cars or penthouses.

We will only show you the facts, the numbers, the results you can expect to get yourself. We are convinced of our service and know you will be too as soon as you use it.

You can check out our staging account to verify our claims yourself. We are completely transparent so you can make the best decision. The cards are on the table.

Do you dare to take the leap?

What and how is the Algorithm Trading?

The EA is trading on EURUSD and CADCHF. So that means it exchanges currencies.
It buys and sells. So you profit when the price rises, but also when it falls.
That means it is looking for zones, fibos, volume, and extensions to place trades in the most profitable way.

No variables are fixed, the software is always adapting to the current market situation. That means, it is always learning. It permanently studies the market behavior.
Due to our backtests, the software has been able to collect market data for more than 7 years and optimize itself accordingly.

Algorithms are all around us, from social media to traffic lights. We use them because they are solely driven by data and don’t make emotional decisions.

17+ Months Live Track Record

Results say more than a thousand words.

After seeing other dubious track records on the market that sent shivers down our spines, we at FX Rise decided to do some educating.

6+ Years of Backtests

FX Rise was built for the long run.

If you’re not familiar with backtests, they’re an important way to prove that the results aren’t due to short-term hype and that the algorithm really works in the long run.

Few people can actually read a backtest properly and that`s why they get scammed by shady investment gurus.

Meet The Team Behind FX Rise

Behind every extraordinary product is an extraordinary team. Together, we built the most reliable trading algorithm on the market right now.
Meet the masterminds behind it. 

Johannes Pichler

Founder and CTO

The one behind the algorithm.

24-year-old Italian guy. After 5 years of informatic school, he dived into trading and found his passion in coding investment possibilities.

Manuel Mirlach

Founder and CEO

The one who runs the company.

26-year-old German guy. After 5 years in a 9-5 job, he finally started following his dreams. After a few tough years, he made it in trading.

You May Call Us Crazy,
But This Is Our Guarantee


Okay, buckle up…
Because we are 100% convinced that you’ll love our Trading Algorithm, we offer you an outrageous guarantee. That means if you don’t make any profits within 14 days, we’ll refund your money and let you keep our software.

We will even take it one step further

If you try the software and you don’t make profits right away in your first 14 days, we will refund everything and give you 100€ in cash on top.

That’s right.
It’s an absolutely ridiculous offer.
Just email us if you don’t make profits and you will get:

our call us crazy guarantee

+ 100€ ON TOP

= 299€

hours of live trading

algorithms live

Generated with FX Rise

month live track record


Free Bonus: Position Manager

We want you to succeed! In addition to our FX Rise algorithm which generates you passive income, you get our Position Manager as a free bonus. Using it will elevate your personal trading to a whole new level. Similar software costs over 20€ a month. This free bonus combined with our 100% automated algorithm ensures your success.

Join The Revolution Now

Our proven success allows us to let you make a 100% RISK-FREE purchase. If you try the software and you don’t make profits right away in your first 14 days, we will refund everything and give you 100€ in cash on top.


    100% transparent


    100% proven by data


    100% risk-free

    It’s simply the chance of a lifetime to take your success in the trading world into your own hands.

    Pay once, think never again, profit forever.

    Pay once, think never again, profit forever.

    Perfect, to get started.

    Don’t Believe Us, Believe Our Clients

    Definitely the best software out there. I’m living only from the cash flow of this Expert Advisor. I started to travel and work after the second Covid wave. But yes, with this Software, I don’t need to work anymore and I can focus only on traveling and enjoying my life.

    Arnold Ennemoser

    This software is awesome. I’m not a Trader by myself, I looked only for a possibility to make passive cash. And I found it. Now I can withdraw 600€ every month to make my life easier.

    Lukas Frank

    Hi, I’m Timo, currently working a 9-to-5 job I really love. But the paycheck isn’t that great. Therefore, I looked for some ways to invest and luckily found this Software. Today, I can pay my rent fully with the cash flow from the Expert Advisor. This makes my life a lot easier. Yes I know, if I wouldn’t make payouts, the compound interest would have an amazing effect. But I am satisfied with this extra cash each month.

    Timo Pichler

    It’s About Taking Your Chances

    What differentiates the rich from the poor? It`s not luck, not the genetic disposition, not even their upbringing. It`s about taking chances.

    The rich take a chance when it presents itself. They go in headfirst as soon as they make up their mind. In life, you can`t always wait. Some opportunities do not exist forever, nor do you have forever to decide on them. You have to make a decision, and better now than later, since some doors may never open again. This is one of them.

    Are you ready to make a decision to change your life?

    Why Our Competitors Hate Us

    FX Rise challenges the status quo and outperforms every other Trading Algorithm.

    It is no wonder that we are not the most beloved in the circles of our competitors.

    Even if you are not yet convinced by FX Rise, please take two minutes and read the points below, to learn how to distinguish between legit and fake investment possibilities.


    17+ Months Track Record

    + Details

    FX Rise is the only trading algorithm with a 100% transparent live track record over 11 months. Most competitors hide metrics, falsify screenshots or reset the track record after 1-3 months once the performance collapses.

    FX Rise has a live track record since the beginning of sales (over 11 months ago) and that makes it unique. The reason is that no other algorithm drives such good and constant profits that the developers can afford to run the track record for that long and show it as transparent as we do.


    Backtests with same results

    + Details

    Backtests prove the true quality of the algorithm over the last years. Hardly anyone takes the effort to read backtest accurately and fake gurus exploit this shamelessly. They use various tricks like presenting just screenshots (which everyone can fake) or running the backtest with a lower risk level just to show a growing curve as a graph. If you look closer, you will see that the generated return is far from the promised return.

    FX Rise has performed all backtest in the same conditions and with the same results and makes them transparently available for download.

    Team behind the product

    + Details

    Curiously, there is hardly ever a team on the pages of our competitors. No one wants to stand behind the products. A closer look at the track record and the backtests shows why: The product cannot keep the high promises and nobody wants to take responsibility as soon as this comes to light.

    Our team at FX Rise is proud of the solution created and its proven performance and quality. It is our pleasure to be listed on the website as a developer team.

    Call us crazy guarantee

    + Details

    100% money back plus 100€ on top! When we tell this to our peers, they really say that we are crazy. We understand that our competition hates us for this, because such a guarantee can only be offered by those whose algorithm really works.

    FX Rise’s performance allows us to offer this and we are very proud of it.

    imprint AND legal notice

    + Details

    Every serious company MUST have a legally complete imprint, which is usually located in the footer of the page. If someone does not want to show which company is behind the product, it is not only illegal but very dubious.

    Getting Started Is Simple

    It doesn’t matter if you are already trading on the Forex market or if you are new to this field. Setting up FX Rise is easy and can be done in minutes, thanks to our tutorials.  No previous knowledge is required.


    Download FX Rise


    Setup in 10 minutes following our tutorials


    start making passive income


    Do I need to know something about Trading?
    No, FX RISE is 100% automated. After purchasing the Software, you will get a detailed video tutorial. There, we will guide you step by step through the simple installing process. And that’s it. Now just sit back and wait for the software to generate passive income for you.
    What strategy does the Trading Algorithm use?
    FX Rise uses a mix of fundamental and analytical strategies. It uses a price action strategy and data-backed algorithm to predict short-term and long-term direction in the market.
    Can I trade on the same account?
    No, we do not recommend combining FX Rise with other Strategies.
    Can I use any broker?

    Of course, you can use the broker of your choice, but please choose it wisely. Unfortunately, there are many brokers with very bad conditions. Many have too high spreads or charge very high fees/commissions. We can therefore only recommend that you use the broker, which we also use. Our software was also tested with their conditions.

    What is the minimum investment?

    You can start with a 350€ Investment by using a Cent Account.
    Only the following Countries need at least 3500€: United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Osttimor & Liberia.

    What is the average drawdown?
    The average drawdown is about 3%, peak drawdown is higher. You can check the FXBlue Track Record, where you can see the balance and equity curve at the same time. During the past seven years, we had 4 times an unrealized max. P/L of round about 50%. So a higher drawdown can happen from time to time.
    How does the position sizing works?

    The Expert Advisor will calculate the position size on its own. You can choose between Low and Medium Risk. On Medium Risk, the Software will use for every 3500€ 0.01 Lot as its start Lot. That means after you reach 7000€ the Software will start using 0.02 Lot. On a Cent Account, the Software is using 0.1 Cent Lot (equals to 0.001 normal Lot) for every 350€.

    You are not convinced yet and want more proof?
    That’s not a problem, we have covered that as well. You can log in to our live account with the investor password. Just send us a message and let us know that you want the login details.
    Which leverage do I need?
    You need a 1:500 Leverage.
    Can I change/switch the license? For example, from a demo to a live account.
    Yes, you can transfer your license to another account within seconds. For example, if you want to try the software on a demo account first, you can transfer the license to your live account afterward with a few clicks. To verify another account, please go to our tutorial page https://fx-rise.com/thank-you. There, we will explain exactly how to transfer the license.
    Where do I have to deposit my funds?

    You don’t have to worry about this. Of course, you don’t have to transfer your startup capital to us. You can use the broker of your choice, we only provide the software.

    Still have questions?
    Feel free to contact us on Telegram: https://telegram.me/FX_RISE

    Unanswered Questions?

    Feel free to message us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Our Support answers your questions in German and English. The average response time via Telegram is 10 minutes.

    Email address

    Telegram Support

    Daily Results Channel

    Now is your time to shine

    Join The Revolution

    We told you everything there is to know to make your own decision.

    FX RISE is the only product on the market that is transparent, has a long track record, and does not try to get you with false promises.

    We want to disrupt the market and force our competitions to play on the same terms as we do. It`s a revolutionary product and we strive to pull the whole industry with us. You can now be part of the change and reap the fruits of this outstanding idea. You can join the new era of trading and take this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

    Are you ready to become successful? Are you ready to trust in numbers instead of rented cars and fake gurus? Are you ready to take ownership of your life?

    Now is the time. Now is your time. Are you going for it, or just let it slip… It`s your decision.

    Are you ready to join the revolution?